All Seasons Taxidermy

All Seasons Taxidermy

Master Taxidermist - Chris



   At All Seasons Taxidermy we have competitive pricing with other area Taxidermists. I always recommend you come see my work in person and we can go over your project details and I can give a more accurate price.

​ I offer a variety of mount options, Standard wall mount, Pedestal wall mounts, Pedestal with base and habitat. And if you have a certain idea in mind that you want I will custom build your mount by altering the manikin to give it the proper anatomically correct position. I've spent countless hours studying anatomy of animals I work on, and it shows in my completed Mounts.

​ I offer Express mounting for an additional fee (3-6 months), Group discounts, Veteren discounts, I do all my own work so you have the comfort of knowing that a professionally trained Master Taxidermist is doing all of his own work and not a bunch of "shop help" is working on your Trophy. I take great pride in doing my work for you, and this is why I choose to do all of it with my own two hands.