All Seasons Taxidermy

I suggest if you have any questions about proper field care to call me or stop by so I can assist you and talk with you about the care of your Trophy. You don't want to lose the your Trophy of a lifetime. Never delay the time between getting your Trophy from the woods to me at All Seasons Taxidermy this only allows more time for bacteria growth to begin. There will be plenty of time to show your friends and family your Trophy after I have mounted it.


                   DO NOT GUT OR BREAK NECK OF FISH

Keep fish fins nice and flat against fish body, I apply borax to the fish in the field to help preserve the natural colors better. Freeze the fish ASAP or bring it to us ASAP. Take lots of pictures right after the catch so we can match the natural color off your fish.

                   SHOULDER MOUNTS

   Trophy care begins with you in the field the better your cape is handled in the field the less likely to have problems later on.Make sure not to drag your animal as it will break hairs and leave bald spots.  Make your cut around the body like figure 2A leave extra up to 8-10" back from shoulder. Cut up the back of the neck following the backbone to the bump on the back of the head. Cut up the back of the legs where the hair comes together this makes a good line to follow be careful not to cut through the armpits this is an important part of your mount. Skin cape off as high up to the back of the head as you can, remove head, at this point you can leave the rest to us. Bring your head in to us as soon as possible, if this is not possible freeze it. I don't suggest putting it on ice for more than a few hours if the ice melts this creates water and water speeds up bacteria growth your enemy at this point. Keep as cold as possible anything over 40 degrees also aids in bacteria growth.

Life Size and Rugs

   Again Trophy care starts with you in the field. The top picture shows different ways for life size cuts. For life size mounts I prefer #3 a Dorsal cut, it makes for a much better mount than doing a belly cut like in #1. In #3 make a cut down the Dorsal from the back of the head to the base of the tail following the back bone. Next make your cuts up the back of the legs from the pad to the knee of the animal that's all the further you need to go on this cut. Now skin the hide of like taking of a pair of PJ's. If you not comfortable skinning your animal just make an incision large enough to gut the animal and carry the animal out works with cats, bears, etc. Deer and Elk I suggest doing all your skinning in the field. For Rugs you can use the Picture labeled Bear Rug this works for all rugs. Try and keep all your cuts as even and straight as you can to ensure a quality rug. Make your cut on the back legs to the anus, cut up the belly to about 8" from chin, make cuts across chest and front legs from pad to pad of animal. Again freeze the hide as soon as possible or bring it to us ASAP so we can get your trophy taken care of.



   Keep the bird as clean from blood as you can. Take cotton balls or toilet paper and place in the mouth and down the throat of the bird, this will keep blood from coming out though the mouth.  Tuck the head along the side of the bird under a wing and place in a plastic bag and freeze ASAP or bring the bird to us fresh so we can handle it for you.

Trophy Care